Medical Marijuana

The World Wide Web offers incredible access to professional research studies, clinical trials, and patient testamoinials regarding medical marijuana. Finding specific results or answers can be challenging when search engines display thousands of related websites. Grow Patients has carefully selected URL links providing the most beneficial information about the advancing knowledge of medical marijuana. This page supplies patients with links about the history of medicinal marijuana, clinical results when marijuana is used to treat specific ailments, and patient testimonials as to how marijuana benefits those suffering chronic symptoms.

Project CBD is a not- for-profit educational service dedicated to promoting and publicizing research into the medical utility of cannabidiol (CBD) and other components of the Cannabis plant.

We think the reintroduction of CBD-rich Cannabis into the grassroots supply warrants special focus. With guidance from the Society of Cannabis Clinicians and support from California NORML, we intend to collect, aggregate and publish data from patients to determine patterns of efficacy—or lack of efficacy. —Fred Gardner and Martin Lee
Project CBD:
-Enables patients, physicians, scientists, horticulturists and dispensaries to participate in a serious research effort that enhances the credibility of the medical marijuana movement. -Reports on CBD-related research presented at scientific conferences and in the literature. -Provides updates on the availability of CBD-rich strains and products and their efficacy as determined by SCC surveys

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Cannabinoid Medicines, the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines, has a website every patient should visit.

The website organizes clinical studies with cannabis or single cannabinoids in a chart detailing the author, year it was published, the specific medication used, the specific ailment being treated, design of the study, and the outcome. From the table you can select a clinical study to see the full text version and entire study. You can also use the search box to search all clinical studies and case reports by diseases (indications), authors, medication, study design (controlled study, open trial, case report etc.) and other criteria.
View the Clinical Studies and Case Reports or Homepage for more details:

Read More is a very unique and interesting site worth checking out. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity that has no government affiliations of any kind.

Their purpose is to provide resources for critical thinking and to educate without bias. They do not express opinions on their research projects, referred to as "issue websites." Their mission statement: "Promoting critical thinking, education, and informed citizenship by presenting controversial issues in a straightforward, nonpartisan, primarily pro-con format." is very open about their research as well as their sponsors, proceeds, and financial information. They currently have 40 issues up on the website; Medical Marijuana is one of them. Interesting studies include the one chart to the left, where deaths from Marijuana v. deaths from 17 FDA-Approved Drugs prescribed to patients instead of medical marijuana are examined.(Jan. 1, 1997 to June 30, 2005)
Check out and the Medical Marijuana Issue for more information. To view the "Deaths from Marijuana v. FDA Approved Drugs Project" click here.

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Dr. Grinspoon is sometimes referred to as the father/founder of medical marijuana as we know it to be today in the United States.

While marijuana has been used medicinally for centuries, Grinspoon was among the first in the 1960's to bring the idea back into the American minds after marijuana had become widely accepted as a harmful drug.

As marijuana use heavily increased in the 1960s, Dr. Grinspoon began studying marijuana with the intention of defining the degree of danger it presented scientifically. He had no doubt that marijuana was a very harmful drug, and was looking to provide the details to warn people of the dangers. As he research existing studies and literature on the subject, Grinspoon realized "There was little empirical evidence to support my beliefs about the dangers of marihuana." He believed people had been misled and was convinced cannabis was much less harmful than believed. Dr. Grinspoon has been active in medical marijuana and legalization movements ever since. He has written and co-authored many books including, Marihuana Reconsidered, which reflects his changed view on marijuana. Psychdelic Drugs Reconsidered, and Marijuana: The Forbidden Medicine and Psychedelic Reflections. He has testified before congress in legal proceedings, been awarded the Alfred R. Lindesmith Award for Achievement in the Field of Scholarship from the Drug Policy Foundation, and has been a prominent speaker at NORML conferences.
He has two websites; Marijuana Uses and Marijuana the Forbidden Medicine. Marijuana the Forbidden Medicine has thousands of testimonials and short stories relating to medical marijuana uses as well as a Q&A section. Marijuana Uses includes submitted stories by medical and non-medical users about the enhancing effects marijuana offers.

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